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New Work.

Got some work done this weekend on my arm. I am finally complete on my half sleeve and don’t have a strip of nakedness. Hez is apparently leaving to go and start a new life in Ohio (which I am so happy for him!) and I had to go and get my work done before he left. We had close to a 4 hour time slot so that Shaun could get his finished up, however I ended up doing my longest session at 2 1/2 hours. Sadly though, this did leave Shaun with no time and we have to go back Thursday.

However I am happy to report I have a picture for you. 🙂

I love and hate getting tattooed. It hurts ALOT, however, it really does remind me I am alive.


Fun with Photobooths!

Funtime6, originally uploaded by Piratepenpen.

This is a shining example of how much fun we were having in the photobooths. I mean, how can you NOT make a fool out of yourself?



This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


Quick Note

I just posted some pictures we took in a photobooth in Tokyo on my Myspace if anyone is interested. I am going to try and figure out how to put thumbnails on my blog. :X GO GO LEARNING WEB CRAP.


Gizmo, my love.

I am back from Japan with the most bittersweet homecoming ever. I really did not want to come home, but the last few days we were in Japan, I was really missing my puppies. Poor Michael had to listen to all my stories about my dogs while in Japan. All I wanted was to snuggle with my pup and sleep, even being calm listening to him breathe.

We arrive in LAX, tired after our 10 hour flight. Shaun checks his phone and receives a text message to contact Eddie. Gizmo had passed on Sunday.

I collapsed in the airport and cried.

I have some very serious guilt. He was my buddy. He had been there for me through thick and thin. He was one of the only beings able to keep a secret. He knew when to hug you. He even talked to you every now and then. And yet, somehow I failed him to be there when HE needed ME.

I have to figure out what to do with his body tomorrow. If we receive his actual body I am going to lose it. I don’t even know where to take him. I have his tags, that is what is most important to me.

I feel really bad that Eddie and Blair had to take care of this for us. I can only imagine how hard it was.

Anyways, so it may be a while before I answer my phone. Not only is it dead, but I really kinda want to be a hermit right now. If you need me, contact me on Myspace.

I also need to take his picture off my phone as it is the first thing I see when I turn on my phone. It is REALLY hard.

I love him so much. I already miss him like crazy.


* (EDIT) Shaun and I were in bed last night trying to figure out what we will do without our baby. Things like, “Who will put holes in my socks?” due to the fact Shaun would hit Giz in the face every morning with his socks before work to get him playful. Or , “Who will keep the bed warm during the winter?” because he gives off so much heat. There are so many little quirks and he had so much personality, it is a HUGE hole to fill. I am not going to even think of getting another puppy for a VERY long time.

We have decided to let the vet take care of Giz. The only two places we would spread his ashes are the papasan (spelling?) and the car, since those were his favorite places. And I don’t want him in a pet cemetery where he will be there alone with no family near. And if we buried him in the backyard, Barrel would dig him up. So it is probably best.

P.S. Japan pics and such is gonna take a while to get up.



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