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Japan pt.2

So, after Michael meets us in the Narita airport, we promptly went to find the Tourist Information Booth. Those things are a LIFESAVER. All the people there speak English, have awesome maps and even call up the hotels and reserve rooms for you. Our guide even told us which train will take us where.

So hotel, CHECK…. now we were off to get our Rail Passes. One thing you need to make sure of is getting your pass BEFORE coming to Japan- which is what we did. All we had to do was turn in our voucher and we had pretty much free transportation while we were there. I mean, there were a few times we had to pay to use the private subway lines, but whatever. The Rail Pass is the best damn thing ever. The lady helping us out rushed us out of the office to grab the express train into Tokyo – a 45 minute ride in. Even though we were sleep deprived, I did not feel it yet. Couldn’t help but look out the window all the way to Tokyo Station.

Now Tokyo Station… I could write a book on how terribly overwhelming that place is! lol! Its where pretty much EVERY line (private and public) and Shinkansen (Bullet Train) meet up in Tokyo. After getting lost a bit, we eventually found our way. All I know is the Green line up to Ueno where our hotel was. We wanted to hit Akihabara the next day so we wanted to be near.

So we arrive, and I think by some luck we found our hotel. The great thing is we reserved a Japanese style room (which is definitely an experience and suggest it to everyone). We dumped our stuff, and looked around the room. It was a wee bit tiny, but enough for 3 beds on the floor. ๐Ÿ™‚

The shower was a shower for one, and I am surprised my fat American ass could fit in there. I did stub my toe a few times though. ๐Ÿ˜€ We sat, watched some TV, drank the complimentary Green Tea and relaxed. Our stomachs got the better of us though.

We meandered around a but until we found a noodle shop. We had a triple order of Kimchi and started chowing down. This was the first time I experienced the massive appetite of Michael. Apparently he had eaten so much food during his stay in Japan his stomach was HUGE. He slurped his entire bowl before Shaun and I called it quits. Gotta respect the man. That was awesome. One thing I really dug was the fact slurping was allowed and encouraged. I mean, its kinda hard to eat noodles without slurping. Being as this was day 1 in Japan, I FAILED at using my chopsticks. Seeing as I didn’t want to look like the jackass American tourist, I dealt with it and started to learn the art of eating noodles with two sticks. ๐Ÿ™‚

We went back to the hotel and on the way, we passed a series of vending machines. I kid you not, they are quite literally, on EVERY corner. We came across Dr. Pepper in the most amazing can EVER.

I mean, she has a freakin’ bottle between her boobs. How can you get cooler than that?

So of course I bought one, didn’t want to drink it (and ended up drinking it).

So yeah, we went back to our hotel, slept for 2 hours and headed out to karaoke. I mean, we were in Tokyo. We had to. Even SHAUN did it. Was fun. Although, the service at the place we were at sucked. We asked for drinks like 5 times before they even arrived. I was stoked though, I got to sing LA BAMBA in Tokyo. And I made sure everyone could hear. Was awesome. So awesome.

By now I was dead tired and we headed home with the masses of Salary Men leaving the bars- going home. It’s hilarious. Some even pass out on the street they are so drunk. We got back to the hotel, put on our yukata, watched some TV, ate some beer snacks and went to bed.


Here I go!

Okay, so I am here at work starting to write my Japan trip, so please bear with me if I have to quit mid-way and leave you hanging. This will take several days to write as there is quite a bit to say about the trip!

So lets start at the beginning. ๐Ÿ™‚

The night before we left, I really couldn’t believe that by the next day, Shaun and I would be in Japan. It was one of the places (and high on our list) of places we want to visit. We mainly did a bit of packing. Trying to fit two and a half weeks of goods into one backpack was quite the feat. Good thing I am not a girlie girl and didn’t require a blow dryer or anything. So at about 4:30 a.m. Eddie and Blair graciously drove us to the airport (they were up anyways :P) since we wanted to make sure to be there two hours early. When we arrived, it turns out our plane was a bit late anyways (Good game American Airlines… big surprise). So we loaded up on Maudie’s Breakfast Tacos and waited.

I swear to God that every time I go to the airport, I bump into someone I know. Shit you not. This time it was an old coworker at Amy’s. Good thing she didn’t remember much of her experience there because she was so cordial and I made her cry on more than one occasion (I’m a hardass).

We load up onto the plane (also to bump into a coworker heading to Cali to visit family) and attempt to sleep on the 3 hour plan ride to LAX. LAX isn’t too bad. I mean, its huge, but I’m pretty sure there are worse airports. I know when I was in Chicago many moons ago, I had to book ass clear across the airport to reach my plane. So we were riding on Korean Air. I had heard alot of very positive reviews so I was actually VERY excited to be flying with them. We had to move from the LAX domestic airport to the International Airport (where I absolutely LOVE how they have all the announcements in like 5 languages). THANK GOD I had booked a 2 hour layover because I cannot even describe how ungodly LONG the line was. Like, as in, wrapping around the stanchions in the airport and down the hallway.

Apparently there was some misunderstanding when I booked on and our seats were not together. A 10 hour flight not sitting together would be hell. So the girl busted her ass and got us 2 seats. We were stoked. So we wait around some more and hop on the plane. I had never been on such a gi-normous plane before. It was like a scene right out of Final Destination! ๐Ÿ˜›


The plane was comfy and they gave us new, washed, blankets in a plastic bag and pillows. They also handed everyone a complimentary bottle of water and a travel package with travel socks to wear on the plane, a lanyard, toothbrush and toothpaste and a night mask. It was cute! And amazing! The flight attendants were attentive, polite, and the food was amazing. Although, we did have to watch Fool’s Gold and some weird Japanese flick (NO clue what it was). 20 hours later from the time we left home, we arrive.

The airport was soooo stuffy. And then we had to sit in immigration for half an hour. We finally arrive up to the immigration officer and they fingerprint us and ask us a few questions (which we left the stumped).

“How long are you staying?”

“Two weeks.”

“What is the name of the hotel you are going to check into?”

“Umm… we don’t know yet.”

*The officer raises an eyebrow.*

“Is someone picking you up?”




“Last name?”

“Ummm……. (and my mind went blank, I had forgotten) I have no clue.”

“So you are telling me you arrived, you don’t know who is picking you up and you don’t know where you are staying?”

“That is correct. We are backpacking. :)”

*The officer shakes his head and stamps my passport.*

THANK GOD. I was actually concerned they weren’t going to let us though. Customs was a jiffy since we had nothing to claim and we found Michael promptly. I mean, he isn’t very hard to spot. He is a foot taller than everyone else and wearing a hat.

I will call that good for today…. TO BE CONTINUED!



I had to share this.

Every now and then I check out Cute with Chris (bloggity goodness) and found this picture.



Its been a few weeks now that Gizmo has left our side. I thought it would get better, but I think of him every day. There is a gaping hole in my heart and a very noticeable void in our house without him. So, we have decided to rectify this issue.

I have decided to get a new addition to the house, but not without some very serious contemplation. I was actually considering getting a kitten – because it is NOT a dog – and would be really easy to take care of, however as Eddie is allergic to cats, I would prefer not killing my brother-in-law.

Then I thought about my sugar glider idea. Would be cool. I could keep him/her in the pouch around my neck while I was at work. But honestly, I don’t really stay up that late anymore and being that they are pretty much nocturnal, I wouldn’t want to neglect it – not to mention terrible thoughts of my sugar glider roasting to death on the way home in the pouch in a car with no air conditioning (which we should be getting a new car soon).

So, back to the drawing board. And it dawned on me. Shaun and I had been wanting something for a very long time and now it a better time than never. Ferrets. Two. To keep each other company.

So expect pictures over the next few weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Herpeton is getting a new shipment soon. We’ll see if we find any compatible with us. Can’t take any of them home, ya know?



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