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I always love when people appoint people to positions that they actually have EXPERIENCE in.

Here is an article I found:
Obama’s FCC Transition Team Co-chair a WoW Player

Last week, President-elect Obama appointed Kevin Werbach, assistant professor of legal studies and business ethics at Wharton, and Susan Crawford, who teaches communications and Internet law at the University of Michigan, to co-chair his FCC transition team. In preparation for his incoming administration, the two, both seasoned Net Neutrality advocates, will be tasked with providing information on U.S. government Internet and telecom policies, along with advising on budgetary and personnel matters.

This is clearly good news for Net advocates, and as it happens, it could also be good news for online gamers. The Wharton professor is a hardcore World of Warcraft player, a member of two guilds:

“One of them,” he wrote on his blog in 2006, “was started by my friend and inveterate tech connector, Joi Ito…The other guild is very different — it’s composed primarily of academics and other thinkers who study and write about virtual worlds.”

Werbach’s involvement in WoW is worth noting as it raises the possibility that in the coming months, he and Crawford will craft strategic policy positions relevant to online games and worlds, including broadband usage, content regulation, etc. Along with Ito and like-minded academics, Werbach sees both as important to the future of work and technology:

“What [Warcraft] does,” he continued in that post, “is provide an incentive for people to develop new software and ideas for collaborative production. Many of those ideas will translate to other group activities, including those within the business world. I think MMOGs will be, at a minimum, a significant testbed for these new technologies, because users see a direct benefit and are willing to experiment with new things.”

Unsurprisingly, this perspective extends to virtual worlds like Second Life, which has been an important component in Werbach’s Supernova technology conference. On her own blog, Professor Crawford, a board member at ICANN, also counts herself “a huge fan of Second Life” for the way it lets users retain IP rights to their content (though she confesses to difficulty when it comes to moving her SL avatar around.)

What all this means for specific FCC policies Crawford and Werbach may recommend is too early to tell, of course, but one thing is clear: For perhaps the first time, FCC policies will be drafted by a team who clearly understand the potential of online worlds in a fundamental, and first-hand, way.

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Quick synopsis because there really isn’t much to say.

I’ll just highlight my favorite part.

So I was visiting my abuelita (grandmother) in her new little apartment. She turned 80 this year and is still very quick. So she was asking about Japan (I hadn’t seen her in a while) and her phone rings. She says something in Spanish that made me giggle.

“¡Feliz día del pavo!”

Or Happy Turkey Day. 🙂

Made me smile. I was just happy to be able to catch up.

Happy belated Thanksgiving guys. I have so much to be thankful for. Best wishes and be safe.



You know, its really annoying when I post the keywords “Wrath of the Lich King” on my blog and get spam comments from exploitive sites associated with Chinese farmers. I don’t want your keyloggers and viruses, thanks.


I’ve been sucked in again!

Oh noes!

I really didn’t plan on it, however I have been quite obsessive over World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. At first I wanted to take my time leveling to 80, tasting and savoring all the quests and the lore on the way. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy most of it, however Shaun and I ended up grinding our way up quickly (especially with us working 50 hour weeks!).

Last night I got to off-tank 3 wings of Naxxramus on my druid. I honestly can say that I have not had that much fun raiding in a VERY long time. I really enjoy having quite a bit of responsibility in the complicated encounters. The most fun and frustrating for me was the Four Horsemen, and for someome like me that does NOT have alot of gear and chose my alt rather than my Sunwell-geared main, I felt it was quite the accomplishment.

I dread Thanksgiving tomorrow. Big holidays with family for some reason gives me anxiety. This year, however, I have quite a bit to be thankful about. 🙂


heaven’s tree

heaven’s tree, originally uploaded by bitzi.

I want to be there NOW. 😦

The weather is getting cooler here… I’m also starting to get the travel bug again. I just want to fly away – somewhere else that isn’t here.


Busy busy busy!

Just when I thought I would have the weekend to get my character to level 80 on World of Warcraft, I realize that I have other real world obligations. 🙂

Yesterday was my mom’s 25th 52nd birthday and we drove clear across town to Round Rock to join her for some Joe’s Crab Shack. Traffic in Austin BLOWS. It was a 30 mile trek that took us about an hour. *Le sigh* The only thing that annoys me is that my family invites us out to dinner, knows we live far away and then tries to order before we arrive or get our order over the phone. One of the things I like about restaurants is taking the time to relax and look over the menu. 😛

Today we get to go over to Dustin and Kristina’s for some dindin and games. I honestly have no clue what we will be playing, but I DO know Shaun wants Dustin to teach him how to play poker. I don’t think he will mind (he is a super poker nut!). I really want to start getting together dinner parties sometime soon. I think that would be awesome. 😀 I don’t know how many of my friends would actually be into doing something like that though. (Kinda how I want to have like a victorian/40s style/burlesque party with all the drinks and goodies, but not many people would actually get into the theme). Also, last minute I forgot that Id o have drum lessons. I’m actually waiting for Blair to get up (its 3pm) so I can start playing my drums to practice before hand.

Tomorrow will be a clean house/relax day… thank GOD. I miss my 3 day weekends…. you can get so much more accomplished and actually feel RESTED. Work has been uber stressful so I am very glad that I have this time to recover.


Bridal shower AHOY! I am super stoked. SUPER. I even asked for the day off so I can fully enjoy the comany of Jole and the girls. Need to make sure all the wedding preparations are good to go and if I need to do anything. 🙂 I plan on taking MANY pictures…. but thats not for another month and a half…

Speaking of pictures… If anyone knows of anyone who wants to sell their DSLR…. I am DESPERATELY looking for one. I want to make sure I have one before our London trip for sure, but having one before Jole’s wedding would be even more rad.

Let me know!


Opening a Can of Worms

So I am placed in a very unique position today, and I do apologize if I sound naive. Let me try to explain what is going through my head in regards to Proposition 8.

No, I do not support it. I live in Texas, so ultimately I couldn’t vote against it. However, since the whole Prop 8  thing started, I have heard more gay bashing, have been more violence (on both sides), and it is extremely concerning. One of my bestfriends is gay. I love him so much. I think he is one of the most fabulous things to come into my life and I have had so much fun. I get extremely defensive when people are confrontational to him.

It has even leaked into a world that was supposed to be my escapism – World of Warcraft. A fellow guildmate very hatefully proclaimed his dislike toward gays (not in the normal “gamer” manner) and was kicked IMMEDIATELY from the guild. The conditions of his return were to apologize to my friend in the guild. He was invited back. Instead of a sincere apology, the guy apologized for hating gays and then told my friend he would burn in hell and should rethink his lifestyle “choice”. SERIOUSLY? So he was removed from the guild again.

I am caught between two worlds. One that I inherently believe in (that all people should have rights) and one that I was brought up in – the “Mormon” church. I love my family dearly, and they are very devout. I worry about them ALOT. Especially since there has been a rash of beatings towards people who lean toward that religion. The protesters of Prop 8 (not all obviously) have chosen to take their anger out on a religion. People have been beating people who are Mormon. People even beat a woman who was cleaning vandalism off the side of a temple (who was not even Mormon) – she was just doing her job. Is this what it has gone to?

Please keep in mind I do not condone the church’s actions to mobilze people against gay rights.

I just think that people are taking this out on the wrong group of people.  They are not the reason the bill passed. The grassroots movement that was against Prop 8 should have fought harder. There were MANY gay celebrities that did not donate to the cause. Are they having their houses vandalized? No.

An art director for a theatre who was LDS (Mormon) was forced to quit his job because he had donated $1000 towards Prop 8. How is that fair? People are boycotting Utah… boycotting the Sundance Film Festival. PEOPLE… WAKE UP…. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints did not do this to you. SERIOUSLY. Bankrupting an entire state by refusing to go there (when not everyone is LDS) is childish. You are profiling them by their religion.

I am scared for my family. I am scared for my gay friend in Colorado.

I don’t understand where all this hate is coming from. Why can’t people just love.

Protesters stamping on the cross is just as ugly as people voting against gay rights. Two wrongs does not make a right.

I am not religious. I would consider myself agnostic. There is a certain degree of respect people should have towards each other and this whole situation is pissing me the fuck off.



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