I have found a digital camera to play around with before London! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! At least I can have something to get me on the road to photography freedom! No more crappy consumer digital camera pictures! GAH I AM SO EXCITED. ***On a side note.*** I should be going to be … Continue Reading SUCCESS!

So excited.

Work screwed us a bit with our vacation time but I think they will be okay with letting us go with unpaid days to head to London. I’m just concerned about trying to make it to Egypt later that year. There is definitely alot of “what ifs” 😛 I am … Continue Reading So excited.

Christmas presents!

I get to bake for MANY hours tomorrow for people’s Christmas presents. 🙂 I’m really excited. However, I also have to figure out time to go and deliver the goods….


I’m pissed off that a stupid ass video game pisses me off so much. I’m pissed that my bestfriend on WoW can be an asshole now that he is an officer (but I still love him). I’m pissed that I convinced myself everything will be different this expansion. *People are … Continue Reading Pissed.