Bloggity 2009-01-05

We put in our work requests today (which means we are approved!) so vacation time here we come!


Not much left to do for the trip except pack and buy an adapter for my computer so we can have internet access while at the hotel. 🙂

I think they are neat. And it makes me feel all fancy.

We really don’t have much on our to-do lists while there. I know that I want to catch a mid-week matinee showing of The Phantom of the Opera while we are there. Tickets are somewhat cheap at that time. Doug and Steph were saying something about an awesome circus/burlesque show as well. 🙂

I mean, we can’t really go too wrong right? Have to see Big Ben. Parliament. Natural History Museum. Banksy tour! All the goodies! If anyone has any good ideas, I would like to hear them. 😀

I’m just happy that this is all pulling together nicely and it will be more of a vacation than Japan was (not saying it wasn’t AMAZING). I found someone to take care of the ferrets while we are gone and I think Blair and Eddie can handle feeding the dog. He doesn’t require much. I wish we could take him! Doggie passports, paperwork and quarantines are pretty crazy though (I looked at all the info when we were half thinking of moving to Ireland).

The only thing I hate about traveling is that I get the bug. The bug that makes you feel restless. It makes you unhappy about where you are when there is a giant world full of awesome things, people, places, nouns. It makes me want to sell everything and go missing for like two years to travel the world (although if we sold everything it wouldn’t be worth much).

So yes. There it is. I AM SO STOKED. Another stamp on my passport. More pictures and souvenirs to add to the pile.

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