Bloggity 2009-01-09

Today Shaun and I celebrate the “official” first day we started dating 10 years ago. It is really bizarre to think that I can name this date but I have difficulty naming the date we got married. I think this is because when you are 16, every big day can be monumental.

Little did I think that the night we were on the phone (it was a green wall phone with a spiral-y cord and all) – that him asking, “Will you go out with me?” entailed 10 years of laughs and misery (I say it with love). I can say it has been the most rewarding and difficult thing I have ever done in my life.

So here I am, 26 years old and married to the man that I love to pieces and traveling like we had always dreamed (sitting outside and looking and clouds). I can honestly say that even though life can be hard, this is the most amazing thing about my life.

We’re not really going to go out tonight (super busy), but rest assured we plan on partying it up at some point.


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