Bloggity 2009-01-22 (Beware: TMI about me)


So… how do I even start…

So, after the past few years I have experienced something that I never realized was, a bit… bizarre for most people.

I have always considered myself to be highly aware of artistic things in life and I have had a wonderful blessing given to me that makes me experience life very differently than most people. *yes I will stop beating around the bush*

I have Synesthesia.

Synesthesia (sin’es-the’zhe) n. Also synaesthesia. A phenomenon in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as the hearing of a sound resulting in the sensation of the visualization of a color. [New Latin: SYN- + (AN)ESTHESIA] — syn’es’thet’ic (-thet’ik) adj.

I experience orgasms in color.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel them too, but most are accompanied by an outstanding display of color. The other day, at the end, I simply said, “yellow”. Which, once I told Shaun, he no longer thinks I’m crazy for placing colors on intimate experiences. I became curious though… am I normal? Does this happen to more people? Apparently its documented and everything. I think its AWESOME! As it happens, colors shift depending on what kind of orgasm it is – to end on a fireworks display of final color. Its not like I am seeing it with my eyes, however, I am experiencing it.

Do any of you guys experience words, music, or anything else? I did find an awesome list of different documented cases here.

So now I am thinking about trying to place my experiences into an artform. I WILL do it. I just really need to think of HOW.

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