Bloggity 2009-02-03

21 days ’til London

And I am trying not to get overexcited but that is extremely difficult. Shaun and I have been scouring the Lonely Planet book to keep ourselves busy for 11 days or so. I don’t think it will be that hard. I really do hope to meet some new people, go to some parties, get in some trouble… you know, all the perks of traveling.

We did our taxes so I went ahead and spent way too much money on a new camera… which means my blog will soon be a photo blog. WEE! I get a hard case, a soft case, 2 lenses, 2 wannabe lenses and a plethora of other things to get me started.

But yes, moving on. Today is such an amazingly beautiful day. I was outside drinking my coffee, reading my book, in 76 degree weather soaking in the sun. I really do feel like the sun recharges me. I feel so full when I am outside.


I know that this year is so hard on so many people. I send all my positive thoughts to my loved ones, my friends, my family. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to get on our feet again. This year we are hoping to be debt free (sans college loans of course). I think we can do it.

Oh yes, and as a side note:
Shaun and I are waiting to have kids for a while. I know I had told a few people we were thinking of trying this December but I really don’t think the time is right.

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