Bloggity 2009-02-19

*5 Days to London*

And we’re coming down to the wire. On our way home from work I realized how much we still have to do. Dogs and ferrets need washing, clothes need laundering, bills need to be paid, shopping needs to be done, bus schedules need to be looked at, general packing needs to be done, rooms needing to be cleaned.

And here I am blogging… Good game Erica… good game.

I am taking my camera to work tomorrow. Hopefully I can catch some of the really awesome sunrises on the way to work. Knowing my luck it is going to be cloud covered. All that means is that I get to take pictures of clouds. 😀

I’m starting to get nervous about the trip. Looking at all the bus schedules and trains and such has made it all the more real. I really want to be known as a “world traveller”. I get some awesome feedback from people at work when they say,”Wow! You guys travel A LOT!”. I love to see things, meet people and experience life. One of my favorite things ever is getting my passport stamped. It is almost like battle scars for me. Something I can show off later in life. One thing I want to own one day is an awesome suitcase that I can add travel stickers to – you know, the ones with the Timbuktu and Tahiti stickers all over the place.

Something like this, vintage-y but new:

Shaun and I were hanging out with our friends Sara and Michael (<— whom we went to Japan with) at Crown and Anchor the other day. One of the things we were discussing was our trip to Japan and the trouble we got in. One of the things I am really looking forward to is the four of us going to Egypt. Camel rides, pyramids and the whole caboodle.

My GOD, even my gynecologist was going on and on about London and St. Paul’s cathedral. I have to look for some rickety old stairs to head up to the dome on the top apparently. Somehow, it wasn’t weird to her that THERE I WAS, in nothing but a paper gown, basically naked, and she felt the need to gabber on about London. Either way, I am truly grateful for her recommendation and plan to look for ’em.

I’ll end here before I go off on another tangent. 😛

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1 thought on “Bloggity 2009-02-19 Leave a comment

  1. Be safe, sweetie.
    I’m excited for you!

    I have a tentative plan to be back in Austin before August.
    Talk to me occasionally pleasepleaseplease.
    I know you’re busy, but I miss you at least twice as much as you miss me, so suck it up and make time. =P

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