Bloggity 2009-02-26

Boy was today exhausting!

Shaun and I had a really hard time sleeping last night. I think that was the last of our jet lag. We woke up at 10:30am…. dragging our asses out of bed to get downstairs to our overpriced continental breakfast with enough time to meet Doug at Piccadilly Circus by noon. Its not like it was hard to locate us with Shaun in a bright pink mohawk hanging out at the fountain. the hardest thing is coordinating plans when we can’t really use our phones. Right now we are running $.50 to text message Doug each way.

(BTW, the internet is not so bad in our room today. Pages load in 1 minute rather than 5) So yes – moving onward. Doug walked us down past St. James’ Park, took some pictures near Buckingham Palace, walked toward some war memorials, up back toward Piccadilly, past it, into Soho in which we shopped a bit (bought a new scarf at Lazy Oaf), and walked some more. My calves feel like they are ON FIRE.  We moved on through China Town (which was somewhat disappointing) and to pass some time we grabbed some coffee (I LOVE MOCHAS!), then went to an awesome bookstore with comics, vinyl toys and memorabilia. Good times. We then walked BACK to to the Piccadilly, had some cider at a pub and waited for Doug’s wifey-poo Steph.

So, another round and we decided to head out for some Indian food (which I had never had before) at an awesome “posh” spot named Masala. It was pretty awesome and yummy. I love it. We grabbed another round at ANOTHER pub and headed out to the comedy club to see Andrew Maxwell – this awesomely, smart Irish comedian who is well traveled and up-to-date on all politics around the world. Shaun feared for his life when he brought up the Gaza issue – but he recovered well. No tomatoes were thrown. 🙂

Did I say again that MY CALVES ARE ON FIRE?

FIRE. BURN. Walking around in London in generic Walmart wannabe Chuck Taylors SUCKS.

But we meandered home somehow. Steph was really awesome and told us which bus to take to get to the general area that our hotel was in. Good thing I draw little maps in my head and know where I go by landmarks. So here I am at home. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow.

Plans for the rest of the time here:
*Meander with Doug
*Go see the Burlesque/Circus Show tomorrow night
*Day trip to Paris
*Day trip to Stonehenge (at DUSK and we can touch the stones!)
*Tower of London

We’ll see. We still have quite a while here and Doug single handedly knocked out a good majority of our list today.

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