Bloggity 2009-03-01

Today was short but extremely hectic. We got to sleep in a bit today and met up with Doug down at the Camden tube station. Shopping on a Sunday afternoon is a crazy thought – just putting that out there for people looking for deals and the like.

Camden is like a giant flea market – kinda. There are stalls with clothes hanging up, different deals, fakes, reals, etc. There are stores selling all sorts of styles, shoes, hats, belt buckles galore… but my heart was waiting. I found a pretty damn cool corset that I bought and a dress… then Doug showed me… THE STORE.

Collectif is probably one of the most amazing rockabilly stores I have ever seen. I don’t think there is that many dresses, shirts, and purses in the entire state of Texas. So I bought. A lot. 2 dresses, a black pencil skirt with embroidered anchors, a sweater, a hoodie and a million shirts. I apparently spent so much that I even got to pick another shirt for free. But its all good. I save all my money for buying clothes in my vacation spots anyways. πŸ™‚

We grabbed some coffee at Caffe Nero (I don’t want to think how much I’ve spent on coffee there since I’ve arrived) and decided our next move. We were supposed to go to a free in-store show however due to the fact that it would have required us to go way out of our way, we chose to go to Trocadero for some arcade goodness. I kicked Shaun’s ass at Mario Party… only to have been beaten by Doug crossing the finish line… I apparently took the turn a bit wide. I WAS ABOUT TO GO UNDEFEATED. After this whole deal I still cannot believe that I had the energy to play a game of DDR. πŸ˜€

We then head out to Ed’s Diner. Yes. I did it. I ate at an American 50s cafe in London. I HAD to. It actually wasn’t half bad. I have some pictures included below. I just thought it was funny because the people eating there did not fit in… they looked like a whole bunch of Europeans at a diner, which, I guess they were. Nothing like a Russian dude making my 100% British beef burger.

We really just ate and went back to the hotel. Shaun has a headache and honestly we’re all tired. Tomorrow we are hanging out at Doug’s flat and grabbing some “proper” fish and chips. πŸ™‚

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