Bloggity 2009-03-02

So we have been here a week starting tomorrow morning. 5 more days to go! (kinda) We leave in the wee hours of the morning on Monday to arrive on time at our plane. We have decided to just take the tube down to the station and cough up the money so we can have an extra half hour to sleep in.

So today was interesting. We started the day a bit late and our plan was to head down to Doug’s flat in East Dulwich… from Bayswater (which takes about 1.5 hours). After heading down to the Queenswater station I realized that my Oyster card… was.. at the hotel – back half a mile back. So we had to run back, and then found a place to eat – which was this little Chinese food place which wasn’t half bad. We hopped on two trains and a bus and ended up at the flat 2 and a half hours later.

We decided to head out to the Horniman Museum which was really freaking cool. They had a Natural History area which had as Steph put it, “100 year old exhibits”, or in other words, taxidermy galore, formaldehyde fetuses, skeletons, etc. Was really bizarre. They also had a small aquarium, an instrument showcase and some other really cool things. I had forgotten how much I love to go to museums. Hopefully tomorrow we go to the Natural History Museum.

We hung out for a bit and watched some news then headed out to The Sea Cow, this really awesome fish and chips that picks fish by sustainable means. If the stock is low they won’t carry it. I think that is neat. I had the Haddock and chips which was pretty freakin good. We then headed out to a local bar that was doing 2 for one cocktails and ordered a Flaming Zombie. All I know is that it is mango puree, passionfruit and then they throw some 151 on top and light it on fire. It was really good along with my Beverly Hills Iced Tea that uses champagne instead of Coke for a Long Island.

We went back to the house and watched The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert which was AWESOME! It ended up at like 10:45pm and we realized that we had a little over an hour to make it back to our hotel before the tube stopped running… which is a wee bit scary.

We ran out of the house and down the street to wait for the bus to head up to Elephant and Castle station. Mind you it is also drizzly, foggy and 46 degrees out at the moment. So we ran off the bus and down the tube and thank GOD we ran onto the subway car as the doors were closing basically. We caught our other tube and got home fine and with 15 minutes to spare before the stations shut down. 🙂

Overall I had a fantastic day. Just some life changing things happening… like, I understand why Doug wants to stay here when he gets free healthcare and super duper cheap education. Its too damn cold for me personally.

ALSO: If you ever plan on going to London, let me know so I can fill you in – Shaun and I have made some REALLY STUPID MISTAKES while here in regards on how to get around, what passes to buy and etc.

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