Bloggity 2009-03-05

Another lazy day for Shaun and I. We finally left the hotel room after 12pm and headed toward Madame Tussauds on the bus. Seeing as we hadn’t eaten yet we decided to look around and noticed a restaurant named Pizza Express. By the name, we figured it was good eatin’ before the wax museum.

I would just like to say while this restaurant does indeed serve pizza, they are not in any way “express”. While the pizza was awesome, it took forever cooking and taking its sweet time to get to our table. The place was pretty ritzy as well – nice decorations, they served wine, and had paintings on the wall. I always laugh because every freaking restaurant we go into I am served “still” water out of a bottle (since no one drinks tap and yes, soda is cheaper than water). I had an awesome chicken and veggie pizza and Shaun has some fiery pizza that would have killed me later had I eaten it.

So we headed out to the wax museum. I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had here. It was nothing like I had thought! Madame Tussaud was a real woman who used to take death masks of revolutionaries and beheaded royalty and turned it into a collection. It was so morbidly fascinating… right up my ally. They had the masks of King Louis and Marie Antoinette – so disturbing and really cool. But the celebrities were really cool too. It is so bizarre how lifelike these wax figures are. And yes, I did get my picture with my “15 year old crush” Orlando Bloom. But yes, if anyone gets the opportunity to go, I highly suggest it.

After we finished with that, Shaun and I hung out at Caffe Nero with my coffee of the day and waited for Doug to get off of work. We hung out on Carnaby Street again and went to a few shops. There was this delightful little bakery that had these amazing colored cupcakes. It was like a dream. All colors – had candies and designs on them… I had to have one. We also went into a few vintage shops and the like. There is just so much to choose from. We also went to a few record shops and grabbed another vinyl for Brad while we waited for Doug.

Alas, dinner time came and we all went to Yo! Sushi… again. I can’t help myself! THEY ARE SO GOOD. I wish we had one of the conveyer belt sushi places in Austin. It was so cold outside and every time the door opened a rush of freezing cold air filled the restaurant, so I filled the cold space with two bowls of amazing miso soup. There really hasn’t been a bowl like this since I left Japan so I made sure to fill my belly with this warm nectar of the gods. It is currently 36 degrees outside… and I’m looking at Austin with the high of 85. 😦 I want to go swimming.

We then head out to this “Rock n’ Roll” bar called the Cro-bar out in that general area. Wasn’t much different than the normal digs in Austin but the general beer of choice with this crowd was Red Stripe – so I indulged. We hung out for a little while and then went to this gelatto bar.

Bar Ciao. This place was cute! They had amazing art dessert pieces that they made with ice cream. Doug had a Strawberry/Kiwi drizzled “spaghetti” made with vanilla ice cream and Shaun had a “tiramisu” made with ice cream as well. It was a cute place. I had an Americano with milk and had a bit of the tiramisu, but I really wish I could have photographed all the dishes. They were so beautiful!

We headed home after and thank goodness the bus arrived right as we walked up. I’m not sure how I would have lasted in the cold wind. It really is cold, and this is even with LAYERS of clothing on. Tomorrow we are heading out to a farmers market and then finding the suitcase I wanted. Maybe even possibly going to an art exhibit depending on how much time we have. We have to meet up with Steph and the Ben Crouch Tavern and wait for Doug to get out of work. Sounds good to me! PARTY WEEKEND! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! She is so amazingly sweet and got me the third book of the Twilight series – I’m saving it for the 9 hour flight home. I have to stay awake.

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