Bloggity 2009-03-24

I went to my personal trainer for the first time today. I have a total of 12 sessions with her and then we’ll see if I want to continue from there.  Her name is Rebecca and she is incredibly upbeat and nice – and NOT perky (thank GOD).

I weighed in at 150 pounds and it appears as though I have plateaued there. I have dropped soda completely and eat less than 1600 calories a day – I still don’t move.

So I’m writing a food log so she knows what I like to eat and we can make the appropriate adjustments from there. So 315 ab reps later I am at home and already feeling the burn. Good lord. Ouch. OMG. Tomorrow is going to suck. So 3 days a week with these reps and 3 days of cardio (just going to be very long sessions at the gym) and she believes I can be to 130 within 2-3 months. Just in time for me to get that itty bitty bikini I want. I will still be pasty! But I will have that bathing suit!

Got called into work today for an emergency meeting – of course on my day off and after taking care of the kids all day. Also have a meeting tomorrow – also on my weekend. We’ve decided to go ahead and work tomorrow since we are already going to be out. Which leaves me Thursday – all to myself – however we need to work on the yard. 😦

I planted grass seeds today so we’ll see how it goes. If I see cute little sprouts I’ll post a picture lol.

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