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Bloggity 2009-04-28

Alas! It is almost the end of the month. I think this is the fastest month to have passed by this year. I feel like I’m perpetually paying rent.

Went to my personal trainer last night. I think she invents certain exercises as a joke to see how I will react to them. There is just no way to look graceful (not that I am) while sticking your ass out into the air. Evil squats of sorts, they were. Now my inner thighs feel like they are on fire and I walk funny because we also did some calf goodness. I look like I was probed or something.

I’ve been getting a little uneasy about my exercise regime because I have just concluded week 3 of my fish diet and workouts and I am still stuck at 144 lbs. Those 6 pounds came off easily enough but its like I’ve hit a wall. Good thing is I am still thinning out. Lost an inch around my biceps and an inch around my hips. I would still rather see weight loss though.

According to my email we get a double whammy of goodness tomorrow. Let the Right One In should be in the mail from our Netflix and Shaun’s double bass should be arriving tomorrow sometime between 3 and 5 p.m. I can’t wait! Black bass, red strings… *drool*


Bloggity 2009-04-23

Had a billion things to do today and almost got them all done.

One of the things I was most looking forward to was buying some picture frames and developing my pictures. I have started taking pictures of our trips and blowing them up to 8×10 and placing them in frames. I mean, don’t get me wrong, after London, I only have two but that is besides the point.

I kinda feel like it will eventually adorn a hallway in our home under “Shaun and Erica Conquer the World!”. I even get all mushy about it. There really is nothing like seeing the world with my bestfriend and husband. I compare it to Mary’s “George Lassos the Moon” picture. Just something that you are so proud of and will forever remember.

And now to leave you with something random I found:


Bloggity 2009-04-19

I was supposed to have a personal training session last night.. unfortunately I didn’t realize she meant 9:30 AM not 9:30 PM.

I didn’t mind though. This diet is so bare bones that I think I’ve almost hit “the wall”. I am so tired all the time… I feel like I have no energy and exercising tires me out so fast.

I ended up just sleeping on my first “night off” in a while. Between working 50 hour weeks, babysitting for 20 hours last week, raiding every night besides last night… I’m POOPED and I don’t even know when I will have time to get back into the gym. 😦

I need a vacation from life!


Bloggity 2009-04-13

*training session #1975222333*

I’m 6 pounds and 1% body fat down and 14 pounds and 14% bodyfat to go (its a work in progress)!

*45 reps of putting your feet on those awesome huge exercise balls and thrusting your butt up with your knees bent (sounds dirty).
*45 reps bench pressing 40 lbs
*45 reps with this crazy ass cord that is strung over a machine, you grab the handles and scoot your feet forward so you are leaning back while holding the handles. Pull yourself up.

*45 reps bicep curls 20 lbs
*45 reps tricep workout with the rope (you pull down on the rope and spread it apart) – 30 lbs
*30 reps shoulder workout with 5 lb dumbbells in each hand. Hold both to your chest – move your arms out in front of you, move them apart so it looks like you are giving a hug or impersonating Jesus, then move your arms in front of you and back in.

And now my arms are worthless. And I have a metallic taste in my mouth.

I am so stoked to see progress by the way. Makes me feel like I’m not just torturing myself for shits and giggles.

**P.S. Shaun ordered his stand up bass today…. soon to be black with red strings. :


Bloggity 2009-04-11

Just to let you know…

Protein “shakes” are disgusting. Regardless if they are vanilla praline flavored.


Bloggity 2009-04-09

Today I had an almost perfect day. 🙂

Lunch with the sis at South Congress Cafe.
Browsing at Big Top.
Swimming at Barton Springs.
Took a shower.
Took a nap.

And here I am realizing its too late to get fresh fish at HEB so we have to run to Central Market for this week’s grocery shopping. WOO!


Bloggity 2009-04-08

*Personal Training session…. oh crap I alreayd lost count*

Can barely type… my arms are shaking. Did “total body work out” via weight lifting.

*60 lunges with a weight bar*
*45 reps with that one machine with the cables and you bring the bars in front of you… looks like a weird torture device that strings your arms out if you’re not careful.*
*45 reps with the bar machine that you can pull to your chest while sitting up (50 lbs).*
*45 reps “skullcrushers”*
*45 reps curls (20 lbs)*
*45 reps with 5 lbs dumbbells with both arms shaped like an “L” bringing them up over your head.*
*45 reps crunches with the medicine ball (trainer throwing it back and forth)*
*30 reps/side obliques with medicine ball (trainer throwing it back and forth)*
*30 reps reverse crunches

And now my arms are going to fall off. I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow and I start my diet tomorrow night… I think. I’m allowed one cheat night per week (thank god) and I am going to make sure to stuff my face. I’ve been a little down because I really thought I would have lost more weight than I have over the past few weeks. Been a big downer.

So I’m hopping in the shower, reading the rest of Twilight and going to bed. Going to hang out with little sister tomorrow.



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