Bloggity 2009-04-01

Personal Training Session #3!

And she really does kick my ass every time. We did more circuit training today… this time with weights involved. Four sessions of the following exercises:

5 lb weights – squats
15 reps “Swimmers” – where you are on your stomach and your left arm lifts and your right leg lifts… and vice versa
15 Obliques – crunches side to side with a weight
12 lbs weight – squats with lifting the one dumbell between my legs over my head
3 sessions of 30 reps of the ab exercises of death
15 reps (each side) with 5 lb weights on the boxing bag – punches.
15 reps (each side) of being on your side, with your elbow/forearm on the ground – thrusting your hips up into the air
15 reps of tricep dips
15 pushups

And do the above 4 times in a row – back to back. I have NEVER experienced ass cramps before. It was… interesting.

I dropped 1 lb. Woo. I just gain muscle so damn fast that it takes forever for me to lose.

So tired. I go back on Friday. I have to remember to remind Rebecca to get that nutrition sheet for me.

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I’m getting together with some very important people to see if I can use my degree in some job. Or get something that I enjoy at least. I’m excited I’m pushing my life forward.

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