Bloggity 2009-04-08

*Personal Training session…. oh crap I alreayd lost count*

Can barely type… my arms are shaking. Did “total body work out” via weight lifting.

*60 lunges with a weight bar*
*45 reps with that one machine with the cables and you bring the bars in front of you… looks like a weird torture device that strings your arms out if you’re not careful.*
*45 reps with the bar machine that you can pull to your chest while sitting up (50 lbs).*
*45 reps “skullcrushers”*
*45 reps curls (20 lbs)*
*45 reps with 5 lbs dumbbells with both arms shaped like an “L” bringing them up over your head.*
*45 reps crunches with the medicine ball (trainer throwing it back and forth)*
*30 reps/side obliques with medicine ball (trainer throwing it back and forth)*
*30 reps reverse crunches

And now my arms are going to fall off. I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow and I start my diet tomorrow night… I think. I’m allowed one cheat night per week (thank god) and I am going to make sure to stuff my face. I’ve been a little down because I really thought I would have lost more weight than I have over the past few weeks. Been a big downer.

So I’m hopping in the shower, reading the rest of Twilight and going to bed. Going to hang out with little sister tomorrow.

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