Bloggity 2009-05-31

Wanderlust is a loanword from German to English that designates a strong desire for or impulse to wander,[1] or, in modern usage, to travel and to explore the world.[2]

Bloggity 2009-05-27

I went to the gym today. I felt terribly guilty because I didn’t have the opportunity to go at all last week (after my session on Monday). Tues: BBQ Wed: Six Flags (which apparently counts as exercise walking everywhere) Thursday: Raiding (Shh) Friday: Sister’s Graduation Saturday: Painted an entire room … Continue Reading Bloggity 2009-05-27


Happy 5th wedding anniversary to us! Looking back… whew.. yeah I don’t want to do that. We celebrated within reason I guess. You know, doing the semi responsible thing of staying home after blowing a wad of cash at IKEA. HOWEVER, we did buy the “traditional” wood anniversary gift – … Continue Reading 2009-05-15

Bloggity 2009-05-10

We are semi-broke for our upcoming 5th anniversary on Friday. Need ideas. NOW. Please leave feedback! Restaurants? Picnic places? Good views? Good wine? Good ideas? Please help. I just don’t know and seeing as this is an “important” year I want to make it extra special.

Bloggity 2009-05-02

Good lord there are too many things to do. Tonight: Gotta go to the gym. Gotta start writing some MORE resumes. Gotta eat at some point. This month is pretty crazy. I somehow have to find time to pack everything up and move over to Mandi’s, order a new bed … Continue Reading Bloggity 2009-05-02