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Bloggity 2009-05-31

Wanderlust is a loanword from German to English that designates a strong desire for or impulse to wander,[1] or, in modern usage, to travel and to explore the world.[2]


Bloggity 2009-05-30

I really thought my body was becoming awesome with my workouts.

My knee gave today and I am destroyed. I really thought it was over. I feel so vulnerable and I thought I was doing the right thing with my training.

I got out of my car and just flopped over. My knee felt like it popped out of socket and I have to kick my leg out for everything to feel in place again. I sat there on the driveway smearing myself in sidewalk chalk as I was shouting profanities. I am so disappointed.


Bloggity 2009-05-29

I am still going to stand by the cliche saying that there are not enough hours in the day. How on earth am I supposed to accomplish everything? I prioritize as best as I can.

Yesterday was “move” day. Our lease is not up for another 2 months but we needed to get the ferrets out of the house before they started showing it. I actually have to mail off our 60 day notice tonight.

The day started very early. Shaun and I had gone out with Sara and Michael for some Baby A’s/margaritas the night prior and I really thought I was going to sleep in. For some reason my natural clock was wide awake by 9:45am – which freaked me out a bit but whatever. We got ready and headed out to Mattress Firm. Thursday was a day that will go down forever in the “I am a Grown Up” milestone checklist. We bought our first new mattress. The whole thing was a bit bizarre. Our salesman was in his mid to late 30s and by the end of our time there he was swearing up a storm, telling us how to bribe our driver into taking more than one mattress and laughing at Shaun’s incredibly tasteless pedo jokes. Either way it was a great time and we got a pillowtop mattress in a post Memorial Day sale for $650. Sealy Posturepedic bitches!

We then headed to Mandi’s house (our house now) to start setting up the furniture we got from IKEA a few weeks back. I am so glad Shaun liked legos as a kid because he somehow managed to finagle together the IKEA platform bed with the weird visual instructions they give for an items with a million screws and pieces.

At about 3:30 I realize we should have called Marshall and Crystal to pick up their truck about an hour prior. We head up to Parmer and Metric, leave our car, drive back down south in the start of rush hour traffic, load up the ferret cage and our 2 computer desk chairs, rush to Mandi’s house, drop everything off (and cool down the ferrets it was so hot yesterday!), head back into the truck and go back north in the middle of traffic, grab our car and head back down as traffic was letting up.

This whole ordeal took about 4 hours.

By this time we realize its time for dinner and the ferrets have no litter. Again I had to go out and be the hunter/gatherer as Shaun was madly putting together the bed still.

Luckily the night ended on a nice note. I ended up heading up to Sara’s and watching His Girl Friday. I had never seen it before and I am determined to catch up on the classics.

Once we set up the room a bit more I promise to post some more pics. Its coming together really well. ๐Ÿ™‚


Bloggity 2009-05-27

I went to the gym today. I felt terribly guilty because I didn’t have the opportunity to go at all last week (after my session on Monday).

Tues: BBQ
Wed: Six Flags (which apparently counts as exercise walking everywhere)
Thursday: Raiding (Shh)
Friday: Sister’s Graduation
Saturday: Painted an entire room
Sunday: Raiding (Shh)
Monday: Raiding (Shh)

And my computer wouldn’t let me raid Ulduar on Tuesday night so I went ahead and did some cardio at the gym.

I had a session today (I have ONE more this week and then I have to buy more) and weighed in at an amazing 137 pounds. I haven’t weighed this much since my 21st birthday. So its been 5 years. The moment I looked down and saw this on the machine – I had a little bounce in my step. I feel good. I have gotten over the hump and am more than halfway to my goal (which starts another leg of the training where I have to turn the remaining fat into muscle).

But yes – I am happy. This has been so much work. SOOOOO MUCH WORK. I hopefully will not ever get to that point again because I know how hard it is to come back. Its been like 2 1/2 months and I’ve lost 13 pounds. Shaun can probably gain that much in half the time if he tried. No fair.


Bloggity 2009-05-26

Thought I would post some pictures of the before and after of the room. I will provide some more when we get everything moved in. ๐Ÿ™‚


Bloggity 2009-05-23

Shaun and I are heading to Home Depot tonight to pick up some paint and going to paint the room.

Side note: Derek at work actually gave us a $10 off code to Lowe’s but after I thought about it long and hard I had to return it. I vowed to never shop there and it was eating at me that I even accepted the coupon. The Lowe’s near my house mowed over one of my favorite little foresty areas and even violated some zoning by chopping down too many trees for their damn box store.

So yes. I’ve decided on my color. ๐Ÿ™‚ Pueblo Sand by Behr. I used the same color in my old living room of my duplex and loved it. I’ll show you pictures of the “transformation” within the next few days. The room right now is lavender with a floral-y curtain print. Very un-Erica.

I’ll keep you posted!


Bloggity 2009-05-21

Busy busy busy week!

This weekend we had a “beginning of summer” BBQ at our house. Had awesome food and awesome company. Those of you who did not make it, its a shame. We all had a blast. ~20 people showed up and it is always interesting meshing coworkers, Amy’s peeps, and my highschool friends together. ๐Ÿ˜›

We ended up kicking out the last person at around 1am and settled down for a nice night of 5 hours of sleep. When I woke up it felt like I was a kid again on Christmas morning. I nudged Shaun out of bed and we headed to Audra’s to grab a ride to Dallas for Six Flags. I LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS (or thought I did.).

The ride up actually wasn’t that bad. 3 1/2 hours and we were in the parking lot. We sunscreened up the pasty white Blizz nerds and headed in. We figured that we should start the day with a “warm up ride”. What is more classic that a nauseating ride on the teacups? So four adults crammed into one cup and went spinning away. The thing I didn’t think about was Shaun’s previous experience a few years ago with a spinning ride at the rodeo. This time was no different. Shaun was on the verge of puking for the remainder of the day. Poor guy. He really likes rollercoasters.

It was hot but thank goodness there weren’t any people there. One positive thing about a failing economy! NO LINES FOR THE RIDES!

My day ended after almost blacking out on the Shockwave. There isn’t anything even remotely scary about the coaster but for some reason everything started strobing in the middle of the first loop. Heat exhaustion? Who knows. My body can’t handle that much excitement anymore. What a bummer.

But we made it home safely and Shaun is no longer sick. A P. Terry’s shake a burger made him feel alive. ๐Ÿ™‚

So here I am at work, tired, sunburned, and on overtime. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But here is an awesome piece of randomness I received today:



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