Bloggity 2009-05-16

Had an awesome day today (well, ended on a good note, rather) and I thought I would share. 🙂

Shaun and I woke up and headed to work as usual a la 7:30am, however, today was going to be different. Today was the COMPANY PICNIC rained out, sloshy, cold, wet picnic. We left work at 9am to head out to Lampassas to go to “Reunion Ranch” for the much antipated work hangout. As we were driving down some of the most scenic and beautiful Texas roads, ominous and looming clouds descended from the heavens like locusts blocking out the sun (Shaun added that last part about the heavens and locusts).

It went from a nice 93 and sunny yesterday to a FREEZING COLD, rainy, stormy, 62 degrees. I was wearing my bathing suit and a skirt. I was anticipating laying out in the warm kisses of the sun all day and then heading back to work to finish up my work at 4. But no… it was so damn cold that people huddled together under the tin roof porch area awaiting the arrival of our managers. An hour and a miserable half later (after a few rounds of Bingo) the picnic was called (after the BBQ was starting to be served). Joe invited us to hang out and we decided to take the rest of the day off to hang out with our friend Joe.

We had a wonderful warm lunch of tacos and midafternoon margaritas. It was enough to make any sad soul refreshed and happy. This day was definitely looking up. We even got to mess around on WoW and owned in some arena/PvP and all was going well. Jaime (Joe’s fiancee) got home and we all left for a crawfish boil. I had only heard of these mystical gatherings and was extremely excited about partaking in one. The hostess (which we did not know) was so amazingly sweet that she provided us strangers (Shaun and I) with the best hospitality of yummy cajun food and a keg. So there we were, eating like barbarians, like there was no tomorrow. Our lips burned and our tummies were full… and we had only eaten 1 of the 3 batches they were planning on consuming that night. All in all I would say it was one of the best food experiences ever and I will love that hostess forever. I have included two pictures for your enjoyment. 🙂

Crawfish Yummy Time!

More Crawfish!

So we left the party and graciously thanked our hostess and headed out to check on the AWESOME IKEA DELIVERY we got last night. 🙂 Everything was perfect and I’m really excited about setting everything up in our new room.

Oh, and one last thing, thought I would include some awesome pictures from the May Day Immigration Rights protest I went to. There were so many people. Sorry about the quality – Shaun’s phone wasn’t the best and unfortunately I seem to leave my awesome camera at home when cool things happen.



And yes. If you look closely, there is a small Mexican boy playing with a light saber.

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