Bloggity 2009-06-14

My head is about to explode. Sadly, I’ve been here before. On the cusp between bad allergies and a full blown sinus infection with bronchitis to follow. I guess I will add that to my list when I try to get an appt to a doctor on Monday sometime.

So some updates I guess:

Yanagi (the new sushi place) – was pretty good. The sushi rolls were beautiful and overall amazing for the prices. They currently do not have a liquor license so until further notice it is BYOB. The table next to me offered me a beer as well (I love Austin) and I gladly accepted. Independence – Bootlegger is really awesome.

True Blood – I currently have mixed feelings on it because I feel like it deviates from the Sookie Stackhouse series ALOT. I’m going to continue watching it to see if I get hooked. I think HBO could have done a better job.

Tubing – Was awesome. There was 7 of us total of the 80 or so people that were invited the past week – which is fine. We had a blast in our little group and I’m glad David had to go home because poor Shaun would have been more lobster looking than he already is. The river was a bit low and the rapids were really lame but we made the best of having to walk our tubes over the rocks. I’m a bit sunburned but was all good.

Somehow Shaun and I peeled ourselves off the couch and went to have a beer with Joe and Jamie at Opal Divine’s that night. Was really weird that it was a ghost town on a Sat night due to the ROT rally.

I woke up this morning feeling like ass. Damn allergies. At some point over the next few days I’ll get those pictures posted up of the wonderful time we had.

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