Bloggity 2009-07-26

My new project! In order to keep my creative juices flowing (that always sounds dirty to me) I’ve finally decided to pick up a ambitious long term project. I am slightly obsessed with I think the images are awesome and thoroughly artistic and striking. I’ve decided that once things … Continue Reading Bloggity 2009-07-26

Bloggity 2009-07-17

Crunch time, folks. Have to rent a truck and pack the rest of the house. I’ve also decided to make a sign for my house one day, “Leave your shoes, judgments, and politics at the door.” Just my random thought for the day – back to work!

Bloggity 2009-07-10

Joe invited us out the other day to this really awesome gelatto bar called Dolce Vita. It was awesome and quaint and had really awesome gelatto based cocktails. The goal: COUPLE’S TRIVIAL PURSUIT – GENIUS EDITION IV Good god those questions were hard and surprisingly, Shaun and I did really … Continue Reading Bloggity 2009-07-10

Bloggity 2009-07-07

May head out to Hamilton’s Pool tomorrow. Thinking of taking my camera to grab some awesome shots while out. 🙂 Shaun fixed the car today. I am so glad my hubby knows how to do stuff like that. Dealership wanted to charge us $400 for a plastic radiator (can get … Continue Reading Bloggity 2009-07-07