Bloggity 2009-07-04

Shaun and I woke up this morning like any other morning, took a shower, made breakfast and our lunches and head out to work at 7:20am or so.

Being that its not only a weekend, but a holiday weekend, MoPac was like a virtual ghost town. It was a beautiful morning with an almost perfect cool breeze. As we were heading towards the Koenig exit, Shaun looked down and noticed the temperature on the WRX was maxed out on HOT. In a panic Shaun shuts off the car and we coast into a church parking lot.

Shaun hops out of the car and notices there is steam coming out from under the hood and he opens it. To our “surprise” the radiator hose had popped off and spilled all the coolant and water all over the engine. Great.

Thank goodness Joe was there to help. I can always depend on him and he lived like 5 minutes away from where we lived. He brought us provisions of 2 gallons of water and a screwdriver to put the hose back on.

The previous owner of the car had told us that this had happened before and that he had taken it in to get it fixed. What he didn’t tell us was that when it happened the first time, it had completely demolished/crumbled the first lip of the radiator attachment that the hose fits on. There is really NOTHING for the hose to grab onto except for whatever pressure the clamps provide.

Awesome. So not only do we need a new hose, but we need a new radiator for the most retarded of reasons.

Being that today is 4th of July… this has caused quite a ruckus for us. We drove all the way home going 30 miles an hour down Lamar (even hit an O’Reilly’s for a new hose). Took us damn near an hour…. then came the hunt for an extremely rare radiator that no aftermarket place really makes. *By the way, all dealership parts stores are closed today.*

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