Bloggity 2009-07-11

Shaun and I have decided to do one of the most awesome/irresponsible choices of our life.

In May (hopefully), we will be leaving the states for a few months while we wander Central/South America. Hostel hopping, bus traveling, yummy food gobbling experience.

My mom has a friend who spends a month in Peru every year. I’m hoping we can meet up with her so she can give a few suggestions on what to check out in Peru besides Machu Picchu.

Of course, our main focus right now is Egypt in November. We haven’t really booked anything yet – basically Shaun’s motorcycle = our trip. Its up to him to get it ready to sell so we can make the plans final.

I am so excited. I really need to do this. My soul is asking for it.

And yes, for all you impatient people – after that we will figure out when Shaun and I will have kids. We’ll see. I need to experience the world before we bring another person into it.

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