25/365, originally uploaded by Piratepenpen.

I donated blood at work on Friday. Didn’t really go as planned (which nothing ever does). This time I wasn’t sent back for running hot (which I always do) so I was a bit excited that I was able to help someone out (trying to ignore my hideous fear of needles).

Apparently I have small veins – that don’t give blood well. And I clocked the second longest draw this woman had seen without clotting at 20 minutes. And this was 20 minutes of her moving the needle inside my arm trying to find a good spot that I swear did not exist. I got home and was absolutely exhausted.

Oh, and all the while I was being teased by the other nurses for having copious amounts of tattoos and not being able to stand the sight of a needle in my arm.

So this generally has been a good year. I donated my hair, gave blood, and signed up to be both an organ donor and a marrow donor. 🙂

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