111/365, originally uploaded by Piratepenpen.

Had a pretty lazy Sunday today.

Woke up to a whining dog and let her our and sped home to continue my “nights” rest as I received a whoppin’ 5 hours of broken up “sleep” from the 80 pound dog hopping on and off the bed all night.

Ended up picking this one because my husband told me I look rather mischievous. Thought it was a fun expression and ran with it.

I do have to admit – the longer I do this awesome 365 project, the more comfortable I am with trying to place my personality in my portraits and I think they have been developing nicely. I have been receiving some awesome feedback from my friends and peers and have been excited to see how my photography will develop. Being as I appear to be a hobby collector, this has been the longest I have stuck with any single “hobby” which leads me to believe I have found me place and my love within the creative world.

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