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150/365, originally uploaded by Piratepenpen.

Happy New Year from Madrid, Spain! Shaun and I are here at Puerta del Sol and having a blast!



149/365, originally uploaded by Piratepenpen.

Retiro Park

Sorry about the late post. I thought I did it last night. <.<


Bloggity 2009-12-31

Woke up at 10ish Madrid time today. Didn’t feel so hot. It just sucks that by the time we fully adjust to this time, we will be on our way back home.

Just a note: We are having the time of our lives! Lindsay’s house is so cute and in the back of the landlord’s English teaching school. There is a cute little patio and everything. I’ll post some pictures another time. 🙂

So today we were supposed to head out to a museum but its 40 degrees outside and raining. I really didn’t feel like going out and my feet are still stained from my shoes and walking around Madrid in the rain yesterday. So we slept in and decided to head out to Xanadu, a really awesome mall with a giant snowboarding hill that you could use all year ’round. We weren’t too sure how busy it would be on New Years Eve, but luckily there weren’t too many people around to watch me fail.

This is only the second time I had ever gone snowboarding and I am happy to report that I made it down the bunny hill once without falling! I really think that with some more practice I could be pro.

We’re heading out to Puerta del Sol for New Years Eve so I won’t be able to upload much more than my 365 when I get home so you should be able to see that celebration tomorrow. We’re actually heading out in the rain tonight so we expect to be cheerful and soaking by the time we get home.

Here is the GPS and some pictures of Xanadu today.


Bloggity 2009-12-30

As per above, we arrived in Madrid at noon. Lindsay was there to pick us up with her awesome landlord friend Oliver (who is AWESOME). We drove home and dropped off our bags. Since we now had driven through the city we were not tired by any means. Especially since we were offered a tour around the central part of town.

I changed clothes and we left the house. We went to Puerta del Sol, multiple plazas, Retiro Park, the palace and back down some other streets.

Honestly I am destroyed and am trying to stay awake. Night.

GPS Tracker can be found here.



148/365, originally uploaded by Piratepenpen.

Snowy runway in DFW.

Check out my blog and follow my trip at


Bloggity 2009-12-29

Sorry I was unable to really update much since we were on the plane most of the day and I have not gone to sleep since we arrived.

I´m in a bit of a haze so you will have to excuse me.

First order of the day:
– Shaun and I were asleep soundly (and were planning on staying that way until 11am or so) when I received a call on my cell phone. Normally I am used to my awesome Orbitz courtesy call to remind me that I had a flight that morning. The call went as follows:

Your flight from Austin to Dallas/Fort Worth has been cancelled. Thank you. *click*

At 9:20 in the morning, I was officially freaked out. On the verge of a small panic attack. Not cool. I throw on my robe and yelled to Shaun, “GET THE CAR READY WE MAY HAVE TO DRIVE TO DFW!”

So Shaun calms me down and we call American Airlines. Apparently Orbitz told me the flight was cancelled but failed to let me know another one was booked for an hour later. Thank goodness I hadn’t flipped out on the lady on the phone (doing phone support has changed me!) and she let me know what is going on.

We get to the airport 2 1/2 hours early (per the lady on the phone) to find out at Austin Bergstrom was a virtual ghost town. No wait for checking in bags and no wait for security. We just got sent into an airport and now we had to wait 2 hours for a 36 minute flight.

Shaun and I play this game called, “Who are we going to bump in to on this flight?” Shaun lost the game this time around. He guessed friend vs. coworker and we ended up running into Laura at work. 🙂

However, Shaun did win the babies on the plane bet and said we would be placed next to a screaming baby. Little did he know he was right. x2.

So we arrive in DFW. Lo and behold this was a freak weather day and was sleeting and snowing causing all airplanes to be late and need to have the wings de-iced. So we ran an hour late. Plus an additional 30 minutes waiting in line for the de-icing process. The flight itself wasn’t too bad and we made it 5am Austin time. A lovely 16 hour stint. That is actually the least amount of time we have spent traveling in a while.

Here are some photos for you. 🙂


Bloggity 2009-12-28

So its been a while, so sue me. I’ve been a bit busy with my most awesome 365 days project. Moving on, Shaun and I are leaving to Madrid tomorrow to meet up with our friend Lindsay. She lives in Madrid and is most generous to welcome us into her home. I’ve been going through all of the travel necessities I may need, but I always end up leaving something important at home. The good thing is that the more often we travel, the better packer I become.

For those of you who had a bit of trouble in geography class, Madrid can be found here (don’t judge, I’ve had more than one convo about this):

I had a few random things to check off my list:

  1. Baking powder, baking soda, and 100% pure maple syrup (apparently its hard to find it there)
  2. Wine for some people we are meeting (Napa can be pricey there!)
  3. My lucky traveling socks  (I wear them every time we fly and they have not let me down yet *knock on wood*
  4. My laptop and GPS tracker
  5. My sanity

We left our vet’s business card and a number we can be reached and I think we are ready to go. After a few days of running around like crazy, this better be the case.

Although, I do have to share a gem that was shared with me in regards to Madrid – per my friend Macy:

Coger does not mean what it means in Mexico. It means to grab.

Just for general knowledge ;).



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