130/365, originally uploaded by Piratepenpen.

I have been suffering from extreme depression over the past few months. Unfortunately I was overlooked for something at work and it has now put me back into a place that I was a few months ago. I’m not happy to be here and its a long road out.

I always feel like I’m in a corner being punished for something when I’m a good worker and a good person. I just really REALLY need something to go right. I need a break. Come on life, throw me a bone.

I am happy that my husband is here to support me, however, I hate that it affects my personal life so much. I just want to sleep.

Textures by pareeerica and playingwithbrushes.

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  1. I’m sorry sweetie. I know how you feel. I went through that for an entire year after my failed attempt at Japan last year and among other things that are more personal and not for public reading. Apparently I’m so bad, that my doctor has diagnosed me with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and I can’t be off an antidepressant. Again, we need that coffee soon so we can talk. It’s a very difficult place to be. hearts. ❤

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