Bloggity 2009-12-28

So its been a while, so sue me. I’ve been a bit busy with my most awesome 365 days project. Moving on, Shaun and I are leaving to Madrid tomorrow to meet up with our friend Lindsay. She lives in Madrid and is most generous to welcome us into her home. I’ve been going through all of the travel necessities I may need, but I always end up leaving something important at home. The good thing is that the more often we travel, the better packer I become.

For those of you who had a bit of trouble in geography class, Madrid can be found here (don’t judge, I’ve had more than one convo about this):

I had a few random things to check off my list:

  1. Baking powder, baking soda, and 100% pure maple syrup (apparently its hard to find it there)
  2. Wine for some people we are meeting (Napa can be pricey there!)
  3. My lucky traveling socks  (I wear them every time we fly and they have not let me down yet *knock on wood*
  4. My laptop and GPS tracker
  5. My sanity

We left our vet’s business card and a number we can be reached and I think we are ready to go. After a few days of running around like crazy, this better be the case.

Although, I do have to share a gem that was shared with me in regards to Madrid – per my friend Macy:

Coger does not mean what it means in Mexico. It means to grab.

Just for general knowledge ;).

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  1. HA! It’s good to know, because when I first got there I heard a guy say, “Me voy a coger un taxi,” and it totally freaked me out. Nope. Just going to get a taxi. Have so much fun! Drink lots of wine, eat lots of cheese and stay up until all hours!!!

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