Bloggity 2010-01-03

Okay so I´m back on top and energetic to boot.

A few things I have eaten here in Madrid:
1.) Vino: The red wine here isn´t so bad. I´ve only been able to try it once since my company mainly does not drink.
2.) Tapas: Rule my world. Had some fishy goodness.
3.) Manchego cheese: nom nom nom
4.) Jamon: Like cured bacon. Chewy, salty, yummy.
5.) Cafe con Crema: The best damn coffee on the face of the planet.

Thank goodness we have Lindsay to show us around and to suggest awesome places to go and things to eat. She is way understanding and was super cool about vegging around the house when we were terribly sick.

A few things I´ve noticed about Madrid:
1.) Most of the buildings besides the center are square and quite depressing. You city still wears the opression of Franco on most of its current architecture. Please note that the center is beautiful.
2.) The milk and eggs are not sold refrigerated.
3.) People here are not courteous when walking by you. They slam into you and then say “Perdon.”.
4.) They play one of the songs from the Vicki Cristina Barcelona Soundtrack over and over in the marketplace. Its kinda creepy. Its like the time that we heard the Lost in Translation soundtrack in Japan. WTF.
5.) The children are impeccibly dressed. Always nice. Very cute dresses on the girls.
6.) Kneehigh boots are in. Every girl owns a pair. And now do I.

We have been having a blast while we´ve been here. Even if we don´t party every night. I´m now officially scared that we´ll end up in a coma again like after the snowboarding.

Today we rolled out of bed at about 10am, ate a wonderful homemade breakfast that Lindsay made and then headed out to La Latina. I ended up spending waaaaay too much money on doodads and some other things, however I now have some presents for my friends. The market was AWESOME. Ended up with two hats, a dress, some presents (teehee), a pair of boots and some AWESOME brooches for my sweaters.

We ended up going to this awesome vegetarian buffet (NOM NOM) and had a nice dessert at this quaint shop next door. I really have to say that I´m loving the coffee here. Somehow it is way better. More delicious.

Lindsay even bought some awesome items (even if she hadn´t planned on spending money). Like any girl, she welcomed them to her wardrobe (waaay cute) and we went through our loot for the day when we came home.

We ended up coming home and getting some Chinese take out and here I am. We making it a semi early night as we are spending the day in Segovia.

So here is the GPS for the day with pictures to go.

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