Bloggity 2010-01-11

I’m up due to jet lag and I might as well do something productive… I guess blogging is productive in someone’s world. My world, specifically.

I really haven’t felt up to blogging much since we got back due to some traveling blues and uber jet lag so I’ll try and catch up to the best of my ability.

When we left Madrid on the 7th, the city appeared to be getting ready for snow. I was glad we made it out of the aiport before it got too terrible, but getting out of the airport was a whole different story.

I understand that international flights going into the U.S. have stepped up their security due to the douchebag that decided to light his undies on fire in Detroit. Sure, I can see that. However, doing a full pat down on every single person, along with checking every single pocket of their carry on bag that they got past security in the first place is stupid. I obviously passed every other check. Move your fail security to the first check, not an additional one before I get onto the damn plane. The female guard made me take off my hat, my sweater, and my jacket and proceeded to get more play on all the femal passengers than she has probabaly gotten in her entire life. You stick out your arms like you are a prisoner and they have a full on ass grabbing. They then feel down your entire body, in your bra, and most embarassingly, stick two fingers down your pants around the inside part of the elastic of your panties and do a full circle front to back. I have never felt so violated in my entire life.

Seriously – if they want to bomb the damn plane, they’ll figure out how to do it regardless of these faux security measures. I’m willing to take that risk obviously as I travel frequently. You still have a higher chance of dying in a car wreck than being bombed by a terrorist.

After that debacle, as we wait to board our long and tedious 9 hour flight to Chicago, we look around in horror to find that every international traveler has decided to bring their spawn with them. And by spawn, there were 5 children sitting around us. Two were screaming, two were running up and down the aisles and I guess one was passed out in a Benadryl induced coma. No clue why all of them had to be on my flight, however it did assist with keeping us awake on the way home.

This is how I feel about children (sorry parents):

Chicago was a dream too. 420 something flights had been canceled that day due to the crazy, freakishly cold winter we have been having this year. 8 inches of snow were expected to fall that day. All I wanted to do was to sleep in my bed that night. Luckily I had on my lucky travel socks (on the right feet this time!) and our plane was not canceled – just an hour and a half late but I was willing to make that sacrifice.

Over the past few days I have been trying to get back on to my old sleeping schedule and have miserably failed every night. At this rate it will be a month before I can sleep a full night without getting up at 8am.

A few New Years Resolutions (since I didn’t post them while in Madrid):
1.) Answer my phone more often.
*This has been rectified seeing as I just joined the hordes of people owning iPhones. WEE!
2.) Find an awesome place to live this year.
*I deserve a hip, trendy, place to live damn it.
3.) Grow my herb garden.
4.) Not kill my plants for another year.
5.) Travel to at least another country this year.
*We have Costa Rica slated in soon.
6.) Get more tattoos.
7.) Walk more.
*Its embarrassing huffing and puffing everywhere you go in other countries.
8.) Continue my 365 days project with as much gusto as I have had so far.
9.) Search actively for my dream job.
*I can’t bitch if I’m not looking right?

And… I’m spent. Lots to write about, but to avoid a “wall of text”, I’ll leave it for next time around.

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