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Book People Christmas Party 2010

I know I am super behind but I’m posting everything from the past few months. Below you will find the Book People Christmas party I did back in late November. I had a blast! Thank you Ali for the opportunity to do this.

Here are a few of my favs:


Christmas presents!

I get to bake for MANY hours tomorrow for people’s Christmas presents. 🙂

I’m really excited.

However, I also have to figure out time to go and deliver the goods….


Snowing Miracle

ONLY in  TEXAS can it be 80 degrees during the day and SNOW later that night. I am so amazed, happy, purified. This honestly is the most wonderful gift I could have received for Christmas, and even more amazing that it ocurred during a Christmas party. There is NOTHING like a belly full of warm egg nog and running outside with 10 people do bathe in the amazingness of snow.

Here are some pictures!



I LOVE holiday parties and I am so excited about going to one tonight. The point is to bring an ornament you made and then the hostess gives you one she made for your tree. I think its an awesome idea.

So, I am so proud (even if its ugly) of mine.

Winter tree.

Winter tree.

I love my stars.

I love my stars.



Alas, it is here.

Blair and Eddie cleaned house today and Blair set up our Christmas tree. It really is surprising how much warmer the house can feel with a bit of decorating. 🙂 Although, I wish I had a bajillion dollars to spruce it up a bit more. In time.

I have such a love/hate relationship with this season. I love it because of the decorations, the weather, the food, and the potential for “good-will”. This is a time where we help a little more and put hope into some people’s hearts. I am, for instance, making sure when I go shopping tomorrow, that I grab something for Blue/Brown Santa. Its the least I can do. This year is hard and we are all feeling it.

My hate towards the holiday comes from the general ugly attitude of the greed of consumerist America. Such as the guy who was trampled at Walmart and people complaining that they were asked to leave the store. SERIOUSLY? You guys made a guy into a pancake so you can get your $4 DVD. This is not Christmas. This is madness and I am utterly disgusted.

The sad thing is that at work a few days prior, we were wondering what kind of “accidents” were going to occur this year.

Anyways… Shaun and I are going to make it a humble year this year. Most of you guys will be getting baskets of baked goods possibly. We need a car that has carpet, air conditioning, and sans drilled holes in the floor to drain water from the heater core. The car has done its job, but I think we are looking for a little more… COMFORT.

We’re still working out the kinks on what to get. 🙂

P.S. I am playing Animal Crossing and it is lovely. Anyone who is interested in trading Friend ID thingies, let me know. You know where to find me.



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