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Melendez Family

And my final update. This family was super easy to work with and they were the ones to pop the cherry on my new Nikon D300S.


Bobby, Kelly, and mini-Bobby

Thought I would share an awesome shoot I did with some friends of mine. Loved how they came out!



Bloggity 2009-06-25

Ack! It’s already the 25th? Where did my June go?

Been keeping busy! Mandi and Audrey have left for Florida and now Shaun, Brent (my brother in law) and I have the entire house to ourselves AND we have to somehow start managing all of the properties under the Kuschel family domain. No pressure. But I am happy that Mandi has the opportunity to get some much needed R&R.

Wednesday I got to spend time with my dad and sister. I came across a sad realization that the three of us (which at one point I viewed as the Three Musketeers) had not had a day to ourselves since my dad had left El Paso 10 years ago. I was a really awesome day to just had our dad to ourselves to have a belated Father’s Day.  As a side note I still rock socks suck balls at bowling.

Wed night I pushed John out the door to celebrate his 22nd year of birth with the inaugural Mexican Martinis from Trudy’s. Really. No birthday is complete without starting out with some serious TexMex in your belly. Apparently I have been a meager drinker because one knocked me on my ass for the night. Srsly. John and I (he was just as tipsy after one as well) giggled all the way to the car as my dearest permanent designated driver dearest husband drove us to Halcyon for some coffee and s’mores. Yes. I said s’mores. They give you this quaint tray with marshmallows, graham crackers and 2 hershey’s bars and some sticks to go to town with roasting your marshmallows over the flame in the middle of the tray.

I feel like I’m getting old because I was exausted by 12:30. Ugh. We watched this semi terribad cover band for a little while and went home to watch the pilot episode of Dexter. It looked really interesting. Too bad I was dozing in and out during the whole thing though.

Oh… and today I got a new computer. Its pretty. I’m currently in the process of loading up WoW onto it.

I have included a few pictures of the Halcyon adventure. I do apologize because it was extremely dark in there.


Bloggity 2009-06-21

I am constantly in awe how technology has changed the ability to protect human rights. While the govt in Iran has cut off all cell phone usage, internet access, reporting, etc., we are still able to find out what is going on. Anonymous, the hacker group, has assisted some Iranians in successfully telling them how to still gain internet access to get the word out. That is so awesome.

Also, SIM cards have been taken out of some phones to reduce tracking. I am constantly looking at my Twitter (I am watching an Iranian girl) and Facebook has been getting frequent updates.

As of right now 25 journalists and bloggers have been arrested. Its all just freakin’ nuts. I just really hope that I would have the courage to do the same thing if it came down to it.


Bloggity 2009-06-19

*Just gotta catch a break.*

What a year it has been – and most of the bad stuff has been in the past few days. My sister in law was arrested on a phony police report (and now faces up to a year in jail on false charges) and now, two days later, her baby (my niece) had to be rushed to the hospital due to a seizure.

My niece is okay. Apparently kids can have seizures from just a regular joe fever. Needless to say it freaked us all out. I’m glad someone was there to immediately call 911.

So I apologize. I may freak out soon. My stress has caused a serious bout of insomnia and we all just need a few things to go right. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.



I have found a digital camera to play around with before London!


At least I can have something to get me on the road to photography freedom! No more crappy consumer digital camera pictures!


***On a side note.***
I should be going to be right now. Shaun and I are going to start taking care of our niece and nephew every Tuesday and every other Wednesday. Isn’t that what family does for each other?

I’m super excited. I get to fingerpaint with Audrey, do dances, watch Sesame Street and go to the park. I will…. have my minion. I think Shaun will be teaching Justin how to skateboard tomorrow. Its supposed to be in the high 70s. Super nice day.

Wish us luck! I think we will need it!



Quick synopsis because there really isn’t much to say.

I’ll just highlight my favorite part.

So I was visiting my abuelita (grandmother) in her new little apartment. She turned 80 this year and is still very quick. So she was asking about Japan (I hadn’t seen her in a while) and her phone rings. She says something in Spanish that made me giggle.

“¡Feliz día del pavo!”

Or Happy Turkey Day. 🙂

Made me smile. I was just happy to be able to catch up.

Happy belated Thanksgiving guys. I have so much to be thankful for. Best wishes and be safe.



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