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Book People Christmas Party 2010

I know I am super behind but I’m posting everything from the past few months. Below you will find the Book People Christmas party I did back in late November. I had a blast! Thank you Ali for the opportunity to do this.

Here are a few of my favs:


Bloggity 2009-06-06

Didn’t get much sleep last night. I won’t be able to really get a full night’s rest until the room becomes “mine”.

Got to see John last night! I was so excited! I have my bestfriend back in my life. We’re gonna party like its… um… yeah.

On another note: Reading comments about Anna’s trip in Japan makes my heart ache to go back. I think it was the most amazing experience of my life and I left part of my heart there.

Thats all the report. Going to a Weekend at Bernies party tonight – maybe I’ll post some pics if I remember. 🙂


Snowing Miracle

ONLY in  TEXAS can it be 80 degrees during the day and SNOW later that night. I am so amazed, happy, purified. This honestly is the most wonderful gift I could have received for Christmas, and even more amazing that it ocurred during a Christmas party. There is NOTHING like a belly full of warm egg nog and running outside with 10 people do bathe in the amazingness of snow.

Here are some pictures!


Quick Photo Recap

I said I was going to post some pics from our Halloween party, and now since the election is out of my mind and I can enjoy life again, here we go, starting with me and “my old man”.

And my door decorations i love so much that I made myself:


Partee Thyme!

I’m heading out to a party tonight. I honestly can’t think of the last time I WENT to a party instead of throwing one myself. I think the last one was my coworker’s birthday many moons ago. Its just really bizarre how much of a homebody I have become.

I can’t wait for Jole to move back. I need to get out more and I miss her so terribly much.  I think that’s when I’m going to quit WoW (yeah right).

Speaking of going out: November 7th I get to hang out with my most favorite pseudo little brother and see Diplo @ Emo’s. Sweet. I need to get some serious dancing out of my system and its gonna be an insane party. Now what to wear…

I really am going to have a seriously crazy ass winter being busy as a bee. And yes, this does include VIDEO GAMES. Wrath of the Lich King is coming out November 13th (thank GOD I have off the day before AND the day off unless they call in mandatory overtime… Boo) and I’m really excited. I am going to pick up an old character of mine and be a Druid tank. Yes. Geeky. I also went to Blizzcon. I like it. STFU.

Animal Crossing is coming out a few days after that as well. Already have mine preordered. And we get to have access to our friends. GOD BLESS THE INTERNET.

I also am a Bridesmaid for Jole… I hope she appreciates the fact I just burnt the rest of my vacation so I can come! J/K. Nah, I figure I can take the whole day off for the Bridal Shower. That way I can get the full effect of my girlie time. I’m REALLY excited about ordering the dress though. Super cute.


I have LIVED.

I survived another birthday party…. barely. Best part was going to my drum lessons with a hangover. Oh how every pang made my head want to explode.

Oh, and I had to include a picture of Jinx. I was practicing my drumming and he didn’t even flinch. I wish I slept this hard sometimes.

On the positive side, things are going very well. My teacher and I jammed somewhat today. Was fun. 🙂

Got to see some of my dearest friends and Rockband 2 was the life of the party (God I love that game). Thomas brought over his new awesome electric drumkit with cymbals for Rockband. That thing was a beast! Shaun was braggin about his mad drumming skills all morning.

As I am still a bit sick, I’m going to watch some more Arrested Development (season 3), play with the babies and go to bed.



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